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1943 Born: Kensington - London.
Father – Dalibor Koreis, at the time an Army Major with the Allied Forces.
Mother – Antonie Koreis.
Moved to Czechoslovakia with parents. Lived in Prague, while father worked at the Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry.
In Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where father was a trade attaché at the Czechoslovak Embassy.
In Berlin, East Germany, where father was named the consul general.
Father died, moved to Prague, where he lived with mother and went to primary school.
Moved to Rokytnice nad Jizerou, a ski resort in Northern Bohemia (Krkonoše, also known as the Giant Mountains).
Attended the Grammar School in Jilemnice.
1962-64 During the two-year compulsory Army service was a singer with the Army Entertainment Unit, based in Prague.
Freelancing as singer/actor, based in Karlovy Vary, later in Prague.
After the "Prague Spring" that had ended with the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Army and its allies, decided to permanently leave the country and took the necessary steps leading to this move.
Moved to London, UK.
Married another Czech refugee in London.
Migrated to Australia.

Settled in Brisbane in the state of Queensland.
Held various jobs as a storeman, salesman in small-goods, real estate agent, residential care officer for the intellectually handicapped, etc. With wife owned a snack bar for about a year, later started a franchise on wholesale distribution of nuts and related products.
During this period worked also part-time as a Government registered interpreter for the Czech and Slovak communities.
Singing with a local choir and occasionally solo at various venues.
During this time also took up painting and ceramic sculpture, first as a hobby, later in a more serious way.
Became involved in the community radio and his was the very first voice to be heard on the radio 4EB Brisbane. Over the years that followed was involved with the station as a broadcaster, both in the Czech and the English languages, then in the 1990s also as administrator, vice-president and acting president of the corporation.
Played the title role, and co-directed the Alfred Jarry's play of the Theatre of the Absurd, Ubu the King at the Cement Box and Lai Boite Theatres in Brisbane.
Held the first exhibition of his works in Brisbane, followed by several other one-man-shows, at various venues in Queensland, including a curated retrospective held at the Ipswich City Art Gallery.
Son Darius Alexander born.
1990 onwards
After the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia, visited the country. Made several subsequent visits in the following years.
Began writing and translating, after having received several commissions for translations of art programmes from the Czech Television.
Acted as a "language expert" during the Sydney Olympic Games.
Founded Booksplendour, the antiquarian bookselling and publishing company.
Published his first book, The Fools' Pilgrimage, followed by approximately a dozen other titles, which he either wrote, translated ,or on which he acted as editor.These include the translations of books and plays by major Czech writers, such as the Čapek brothers.
Transferred the business to his wife, while retaining only a small interest. Continues writing books and acts as a journalist. Also acting as web-master to several sites that he has designed, both in the English and the Czech languages.
2011Published two more books, both on the subject of the kabballah, one in English and one in Czech, also started two more websites dedicated to the same theme.
2013On his 70th birthday launched his book on Madam Blavatsky, in the Czech language, the first that deals with the subject of theosophy since the change of the regime.
2014Published his autobiography Můj bíbr (My Beard), booksized, with many illustrations and photos
2015Published his new Czech translation of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, in which he tries to put right the mistake the Czech translators have been making for a century and a half, in featuring the wrong species of bird, and copying the mistake one from another.

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